Scuba Diving shore dives


Perth Ocean Diving organises shore dives for certified divers regularly, with an experienced guide. Includes 1 beautiful dive in the Ocean, all the scuba gear, and guide. All you need to take with you is your bathers and your certification.

Our dive sites are chosen according to the weather conditions, the level and preferences of the divers.

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Prior to any booking, please check availability by SMS or click on the WhatsApp button.


To be part of the event, you need to:

  1. Call us on 0450005381 to find a date and book.
  2. An sms will be sent to you the day prior the dive to confirm the exact address to meet up (can vary with the weather)
  3. Meet up directly at the dive site
  4. Payment, briefings, forms to fill out and you are getting your scuba equipment
  5. Let’s go diving!

Our main dive sites:

  1. Jetty south of Perth
    Easy entrance and exit
    Showers, toilets and barbecue on site
    Visibility between 5 and 10 metres
    Almost no current
    Depth: 3 to 8 metres
    What you can see: The pylons of the jetty are covered of colourful coral which hides thousands of creatures such as sea horse, octopus, lion fish, sea stars, sea urchins, nudi branchs, small rays, crabs, cray fish, prawns, butterfly fish, cuttle fish, and schools of small fish like herrings. You can occasionally sea dolphins.
    The jetty used to be the home of a small seal that comes back sometimes to sleep underknees the pylons or that you can sometimes see hunting at the end of the jetty.
    The top of the pylons are also the favourite point of view for a couple of big and curious pelicans.
  2. Wreck trail south of Perth
    Entry and exit easy
    Shower and toilets on site
    Visibility between 2 and 8 metres
    Depth: 10 to 18 metres
    Small current
    What you can see: A couple of small ship wrecks and 2 planes covered by soft coral and surrounded by creatures such as box fish, butterfly fish, herrings, yellow tails, sea horses, pipe fish, and bigger animals like blue trevally, eagle ray, lion fish or cat fish. Occasionally seen cray fish, octopus, nudi branchs and dolphins.
  3. Reef north of Perth (3 different locations, all similar)
    Entry and exit intermediate due to the wave surf
    Shower and toilets on site
    Visibility between 1 and 8 metres
    Depth: 3 to 8 metres
    Possibility of surface surge
    What you can see: The reef is covered by algaes which is home for creatures like octopus, small brown rays, blue devil, sea urchins or sea stars. The dive site is also known to host bigger animals such as mowrongs, bull singrays, dolphins, or sea lions.
    And look under the ledge of the reef: You might see a port Jackson shark or a cray fish!
    Also, the reef forms lots of holes and cracks which makes it is fun for us divers to swim trough.
  4. The swan river (3 different locations, all similar)
    Entry and exit easy
    Shower and toilets on one dive site
    Visibility between 1 and 10 metres
    Depth: 3 to 25 metres
    Possibility of tidal currents from 10 metres deep
    Surface very calm
    Awesome night dives!
    Note: Theses dive sites require divers to master their buoyancy: The bottom is made mostly of mud, which if stirred up can drop the visibility close to zero.
    What you can see: The swan river is the favourite shelter of sea horses; they are particularly coloured (Red, orange, pink, yellow, brown, white) and they hide very well in the algaes. You will also see the blue swimmer crab, big prawns, anemones, cat fish, all sorts of gobbies, box fish, sand dollar, sea star, and the impressive white spotted jelly fish (inoffensive). Occasionally seen dolphins and eagle rays.
    Small wrecks lie on the floor in some areas.


Shore dive Swan river with PerthOceanPerth Ocean ensures to have the best and newest equipment and services it every year.
It includes:

  • Air tanks
  • Beuchat regulators
  • Buoyancy Control Devices and inflators
  • Pressure and air gauge
  • Mask and fins
  • 5 mm wet suit for your comfort and keep you warm
  • Weights


Prices are all inclusive with all equipment and an experienced guide.