About us

Welcome to Perth Ocean!

Perth Ocean is a family business, who have been teaching diving around Perth from 2010.
With us, you will discover the magic underwater world with passionate, relax, professional and knowledgeable diving experts. Our priority is keeping you safe while having fun.


PADI Certifications:

  • 2015: Elite Instructor Award
  • 2014: Elite Instructor Award
  • 2013: IDC Staff Instructor
  • 2013: Elite instructor Award
  • 2013: Skipper license
  • 2012: Master Scuba Diver Trainer
  • 2011: Open Water Scuba Instructor
  • Speciality Instructor: Digital Underwater Photography, dry suit, night dive, enriched air nitrox, peak performance buoyancy, AWARE Coral reef conservation, shark conservation, care for children AED, project aware

Marie CABARET - PerthOcean

Hi everyone, I am Marie, a passionate Instructor living and diving at Perth, and cannot wait to share my addiction with you!
I discovered the underwater world on a try dive in Thailand in 2009, and immediately fell in love with scuba diving.
So I decided to start all my PADI certifications, doing my Open Water in Egypt, Advanced in Malta, Rescue at Magnetic Island and the professional levels at Cairns.
I started working as an Instructor on the great barrier reef on a 28 degrees flat water, where I enjoyed teaching and taking try dives from big liveaboards. I did this for a bit less than a year before moving to Perth where I discovered a different diving style and marine life, but still as interesting.
What I like about Perth is that the water is full of surprise that you never know when and where exactly it is arriving but when it does, it is just incredible: Bumping into a young dolphin that plays his show for you, a migrating humpback whales singing and jumping with her calve, an inquisitive and playful seal, a male sea horse giving birth…!
I have dived in more than 10 different countries, including hundreds of Australians dive sites, islands in Europe, a big part of Asia, United states, Egypt, Oman, and even a zero-degree lake in Iceland!
My speciality? I will pick 3:

  1. You can see the first one by clicking on immersionphotography
    If you wish to learn how to take photos underwater, you are in the right place!
  2. Try dives: The first time is so magic!
  3. Catch a fresh dinner by hands: Western Australia is one of the rare state in the world where you are allowed to catch fish or crustaceans (spear fishing, hand net fishing, loop fishing, free hand catching) while scuba diving, so let’s do it !
    I will take you on a night dive to catch the delicious blue swimmer crab, prawns, and flat heads, or take you to the reef where cray fish hide, and catch them using a cray loop!


PADI Certifications:

  • 2016: Certified Beuchat technicien maintenance
  • 2014: Dive Master
  • 2013: Skipper license

Yann CABARET - Perth OceanHi, my name is Yann, and I am an enthusiastic part time Dive Master!
I also take care of all the technical part of Perth Ocean, and the maintenance of the scuba diving gear.
I discovered scuba diving in Thailand in 2009 while travelling with Marie, and I never stopped diving from then.
I have a preference for ship wreck diving; my favourites? The Key Biscayne, an incredible oil rig laying on 42 metres deep water, of Lancelin (Western Australia). I also regularly dive the SWAN Wreck, a 30 deep ship wreck of Dunsborough (South Western Australia).
I also love diving in tropical water, where I do not have to waste time putting on a wet suit! I dived everywhere in the world including America, Australia, Asia and Europe.
And to finish, I am a big fan of free diving, and will be more than happy to take you to a snorkelling tour on the coast of Perth.


LEVI DM - Perth Ocean DivingHello, I am Levi and I love scuba diving! I learnt how to dive in 2011 here in Perth with Marie, and since then I am trying to get underwater as much as possible. And now I am fascinated by deep and wreck diving since I came back from my Coron dive trip in Philippines…

I have a good eye to spot things underwater for people that I guide, and as a jokes specialist I also know how to make them laugh!

PADI Instructor Emile by Perth OceanEmile

PADI Certifications:

  • Master Scuba Diver Instructor
  • First Aid EFR Instructor
  • Specialty Instructor: Wreck diver, deep diver, Self reliant diver, Side-mount diver, Digital Underwater Photography, night diver, enriched air nitrox, peak performance buoyancy, AWARE Coral reef conservation, shark conservation, care for children AED, project aware.

Hi everyone, I am Emile, a keen and easy going Instructor from Belgium. My first language is Dutch, but I am also fluent in English, French, and speak a little bit German. I have learnt how to dive in Belgium a long time ago, and then moved to dive in Egypt, where I did around 400 dives. I also worked full time in Koh Tao for a year, where I gained lots of experience before joining the team from Perth Ocean Diving.


PADI Certifications:

  • 2014: Master Scuba Diver Trainer
  • 2014: Open Water Scuba Instructor
  • 2014: Specialty Instructor for drift, night, nitrox, wreck dives, peak performance buoyancy, & more.
  • 2014: EFR instructor

Hi, I’m Maxime, diving instructor at Perth Ocean Diving. I learnt to dive in France when I was young, in Mediterranean sea & Atlantic Ocean, and I started to teach diving 8 years ago. I became PADI Instructor to teach diving all around the world. I taught diving in the south of France & Corsica, then I have been working for several years in the Caribbean, and now I’m in Perth. I am passionated by the sea-life, from the biggest fish to the smallest shrimp. I am specialized in deep dives, but I love to take my time in shallow water for hours as well. See you soon underwater =)


PADI Certifications:

  • 2009: Open Water Scuba Instructor
  • 2008: Dive Master

Hi, my name is Jacob and I have been teaching scuba diving since 2009. I come from a land lock country called Czech Republic. I decided to explore a bit more the 71% from our planet Earth: The Ocean. I did my Open water course in 2005 in Croatia and fell in love with the underwater world immediately. In 2008 I left Czech Republic to Thailand where I worked as a Dive Master, and later as an Instructor. After this I came back to Czech to teach more scuba diving. I can not say I have a best dive spot, because I believe every dive location have something special. I enjoy silence, freedom of  weightlessness and marine life. I am happy to work now for Perth Ocean Diving, and be your guide who would help you to open the deep blue door of the Ocean 🙂