Diving for kids


If your child is between 8 and 12 years old, our program diving for kids bubblemaker will be the best option to offer him/her a fun and magic moment underwater.
The experience will be in a swimming pool between 0.5 and 2 metres deep.
Your kid will learn to breath underwater with all the scuba diving equipment, and he/she will enjoy little games organised with others kids.

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Prior to any booking, please check availability by SMS or click on the WhatsApp button.


The whole session will last about 2 hours including briefing and preparation, and your child will spend about 40 minutes in the water.


  • Be at least 8 years old
  • Good physical conditions
  • Be comfortable in the water


  1. If you wish to give an experience of scuba diving to your child, call us on 0450005381 to find a date and book
  2. Your instructor will call you the day before to confirm the meeting and answer to any last minute questions
  3. Meet up at the swimming pool
  4. We will let you read and sign general conditions paperwork, while your kid will be briefed. You can stay near by if you like, but you do not have to
  5. Once all the equipment is on and ready, let’s go for lots of fun underwater!


Perth Ocean ensures to have the best and newest equipment and services it every year.
If your child has his own mask, fins and snorkel he is more than welcome to use them.

We supply:

  • Air tanks
  • Beuchat regulators
  • Buoyancy Control Devices and inflators
  • Pressure and air gauge
  • Mask and fins
  • Wet suit if needed to keep children warm
  • Weights


Is scuba diving dangerous?
Absolutely not, if you respect the rules. That is why you can not dive without a professional.

If my kid asks to renew the experience, is it possible?
Absolutely, and it is what do most of the kids.

Can my kid dive in the sea or ocean after the experience?
Yes, but only if he/she is more than 12 years old, and with a professional.

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Can my kid start his level 1 open water course after the experience?
Yes, but only if he/she is more than 12-year-old

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Can I drop off my kid to the pool and come back pick him up when he has finished?
Yes you can, after paperwork filled out; you can come back 2 hours later, at the end of the session.

Can I participate to the experience with my kid?
Yes, there is no maximum age to enjoy scuba diving!


The below listed price is all included: All equipment, pool fees and a PADI experienced instructor.