“Please note that we do not operate in winter. Our office is closed until the 1st of October. Happy diving!”

PADI Discover Scuba Diving


Discover scuba diving with Perth Ocean Diving! Tours organised Mondays to Sundays with an experienced PADI Instructor. Includes 1 beautiful dive in the Ocean, all the scuba gear, and Instructor. Lot’s of marine life to observe! Small groups (2 to 4 max) for better experience and safety. If you prefer, you can also choose to have your first diving experience in the swimming pool.

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  • Be at least 12 years old; an authorisation, signature, and meeting with at least one parent will be required if less than 18 years old.
  • Have no medical condition associated with diving
    Click here to see the dive medical questionnaire
    If answered one “YES” or more on the questionnaire, a certificate from a diving doctor will be required
    Click here to consult the list of diving doctor around Perth
  • Be able to swim in water in which to deep to stand in


  1. Discover Scuba Diving - Perth OceanIf you wish to participate to our magic try dive experience, call us on +61450005381 to find a date and book, or you can book directly online
  2. A confirmation SMS will be sent to you within 24 hours after booking
    The location chosen by Perth Ocean varies according to the weather, to be able to give you the best and easiest conditions for your dive experience.
  3. The day of your dive your instructor will get you to fill out our medical and general conditions form, and you will listen to a 30 minutes briefing.
  4. We then help you to put on your scuba diving equipment before walking to the water and experience an unforgettable moment!


The visibility varies between 3 and 15 metres.
Perth Ocean always chooses the best dive site according to the weather, so you have the best and calmest conditions.

There is lots of soft coral and algae’s where our favourite animal likes to hide: The sea horse.
It is also very common to see octopus, lion fish, sea stars, sea urchins, nudi branchs, small rays, crabs, cray fish, prawns, schools of fish like herrings or yellow tails, butterfly fish, cuttle fish. Occasionally and depending on the dive site, we encounter dolphins, sea lions, hawksbill turtle, squids, stingray, trevally, wrecks of small boats or planes.

Click here to check out our marine life photography gallery


Perth Ocean Diving ensures to have the best and newest equipment and services it every year.
If you have your own mask, fins and snorkel you are more than welcome to use them, but please ask your instructor the day of your dive to check if it meets the security requirements before going diving with them.

Your equipment includes:

  • Air tanks
  • Beuchat regulators
  • Buoyancy Control Devices and inflators
  • Pressure and air gauge
  • Mask and fins
  • 5 mm wet suit for your comfort and keep you warm
  • Weights


Is scuba diving dangerous?
Absolutely not, if you respect the rules. That is why you can not dive without a professional with you.

Are there sharks, and are they dangerous?
Yes, there is sharks in the Ocean.
Out of more than 500 species of sharks recorded in the world, less than 10 are known to possibly attack humans; they are deep water sharks that do not usually go to extreme shallow water we dive in for our try dives.

Will I get a certification after my try dive experience?
No, if you wish to obtain your Level 1 open water certification, you need to follow a 3 days course

Click here to see our Level 1 open water course

If I enjoyed my try dive and would like to do another one without doing the beginner course, is it possible?
Absolutely, you can book a second dive another day, on a different dive site.


The below listed prices are all included: With all equipment, a PADI experienced instructor, and pick up from the city if needed:

Try scuba diving in the swimming pool: $99

Try scuba diving in the Ocean: $149