Refresher course


This course is for certified divers who have not dived for 6 months or more and need a quick scuba refresher before getting back into diving. 

Our refresher course include refreshing skills in confined water, and then practical Ocean diving (on the same day)

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It’s quick and easy, and a good way to prepare for your next PADI course or get ready for a diving vacation. You will get a reminder on the theory, setting up your equipment, as well as practising safety and buoyancy related skills in order to get ready for your dive(s).


  • Be a certified diver


  1. If you wish to enrol the refresher course, call us on 0450005381 to find a date and book
  2. You will spend a few hours refreshing your skills in confined water before jumping deeper into the Ocean for practical dive


PADI refresher Course - Perth OceanThe visibility varies between 3 and 15 metres.
Perth Ocean always chooses the best dive site according to the weather, so you have the best and calmest conditions.

There is lots of soft coral and algaes where our favourite animal likes to hide: The sea horse.
It is also very common to see octopus, lion fish, sea stars, sea urchins, nudi branchs, small rays, crabs, cray fish, prawns, schools of fish like herrings or yellow tails, butterfly fish, cuttle fish. Occasionally and depending on the dive site, we encounter dolphin, sea lion, turtle, squid, bull stingray, trevally, wrecks of small boats or planes.

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Perth Ocean ensures to have the best and newest equipment and services it every year.

It includes:

  • Air tanks
  • Beuchat regulators
  • Buoyancy Control Devices and inflators
  • Pressure and air gauge
  • Mask and fins
  • 5 mm wet suit for your comfort and keep you warm
  • Weights
  • Accessories you need to participate to a level 1 open water diver program, such as dive computer with no decompression times, compass, S.M.B, snorkel


Can I take photos or videos? You can take photos or videos on your dive(s), after you have completed your skills refresher in confined water

What would be the exercises?
You will first be given a video to watch as a theory reminder. Then you will jump into a swimming pool to practice safety and buoyancy skills, such as mask remove and replace, emergency weights drop, or Alternate air source ascent. Once you feel ready your Instructor will take you for a dive or 2 (depends of the chosen option).


The below listed prices are all included (with all equipment, theory supports such as video, a PADI experienced instructor, and all other costs).

Refresher course including confined water exercices, and Ocean dive on the same day: $249

Additional information

Number of supervised dives

One supervised dive, Two supervised dives